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Mareille Merck

Mareille Merck was born in Stralsund (D) in 1996 and lives in Zurich (Switzerland). She studied jazz guitar in Weimar (DE), Lucerne (CH) and Zurich (CH) with Lionel Loueke, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Frank Möbus, Kalle Kalima and Roberto Bossard among others.
Mareille is leader and composer of the trio "Mareille Merck LARUS", which was nominated for the "ZKB Jazzpreis" in 2021 and caused a sensation in the international press with its debut album "Fadenschlag".
Finland's national radio "YLE" listed Mareille in 2021 among the five most interesting young jazz musicians of today. Mareille has already performed on stage with well-known greats such as John McLaughlin, Anne Paceo as well as Michael League, Bill Lawrence and Justin Stanton of Snarky Puppy.



Mareille Merck LARUS
Mareille Merck

Three young musicians who set out on a journey together. In their luggage? Courage, a sense of adventure and a willingness to take risks ...

Mareille Merck

Mareille's solo program is a voyage of discovery into the endless expanses of the sonic facets of the electric guitar ...

Mareille Merck


Neues Video!

"Kap Arkona" aufgenommen in der Villa Sträuli Winterthur.

13. Dezember 2023

Neues Album!

STILLE WASSER wurde am 17.Februar 2023 released!

17. Februar 2023

New Video!

Enjoy "Kap Arkona" played at Villa Sträuli Winterthur.

13. Dezember 2023

New Album!

STILLE WASSER was released February 17, 2023!

17. Februar 2023



17. Oktober 2020
John McLaughlin and Michael League, Justin Stanton, Bill Laurance (Snarky Puppy), Anne Paceo featuring young artists: Mareille Merck, Andrew Neil Hayes, Afra Kane, Arthur Hnatek and Jules Martinet
27. September 2021
Mareille Merck LARUS
25. Juni 2022
Mareille Merck LARUS
26. Juni 2022
Mareille Merck LARUS
27. Juni 2022
Mareille Merck LARUS
5. November 2022
Mareille Merck LARUS
25. Juli 2023
Mareille Merck LARUS
1. September 2023
Mareille Merck w/ Nicole Johänntgen, Heiri Känzig
13. Oktober 2023
Mareille Merck LARUS
23. Dezember 2023
Christmas Concert with Mareille Merck, Tobias Altripp, Andrea Carolina, Valentin Steinle
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Mareille Merck

“Mareille Merck ist eine Meisterin des Flageoletts und kreiert eingängige Themen, die man schon beim zweiten Anhören begrüsst wie alte Freunde.” - Samuel Mumenthaler, Berner Zeitung vom 23.02.21

“It’s undeniable that Mareille has definitely a strong musical identity expressed by her compositions and style […] Mareille Merck is a highly talented guitarist and composer and I’m convinced we’ll be hearing a great deal more from her in the years to come.” - Simone Gubbiotti, Jazz in Europe, 06.04.21

“Moderner Jazz, der immer bereit ist, in rockige Gefilde aufzubrechen […] Dabei ist Mercks Stil von einer manchmal nicht zu fassenden Virtuosität geprägt […], sie hat aber auch Sinn für eine ruhige Dramaturgie, bei der sie ihre Stratocaster singen lässt, behutsam Feedback einsetzt und sich in ein Zwiegespräch mit ihrem Bassisten begibt.” - roth F.A.Z. s.10 Nr.61, Mo, 13.03.2023 

Rezension "Stille Wasser"

1. März 2024

Steff Rohrbach

In der Tiefe rauscht es

8. Jan. 2023

Manfred Papst



How to play guitar ...

You want to fly over the strings like John McLaughlin? Learn the legendary licks of Jim Hall? Learn the secrets of improvisation? Learn all about scales, chords and phrasing? Find your own sound? Learn standards or how to read lead sheets?  Whatever your goal may be on this wonderfully versatile instrument - with me you are at the right address.  I look forward to accompanying you on your journey into the world of the electric guitar!

Mareille Merck
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